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Henry Nelson, Esq. workers' comp attorney

Henry Nelson, Esq.

Workers' Compensation Attorney

Henry Nelson, Esq. is a disability attorney that understands what it means to get hurt at work, and how to deal with the confusing Worker’s Compensation system. He is a volunteer firefighter who spends his free time helping the community and answering emergency calls. If an emergency needs solving, Mr. Nelson will be there with a solution.

“I serve my community in whichever way I can. When it comes to physical labor, I am right there, shoulder to shoulder with my fellow firefighters. I know the value of hard work and what it can do for a community. I understand the struggles of those who get hurt at work. I am just your friendly neighborhood lawyer. I believe in trust falls, that fútbol is the best sport in the world, and that the sun will rise tomorrow. I believe a good attorney is always there for their clients when they’re needed. We stand with our clients all the way till the end of their case, always looking for the best solution to their problems. I am proud of the work we do!”

-Henry Nelson, Esq.


  • Empire State College, Newburgh, NY
  • Touro Law School, Long Island, NY

Bar Memberships

  • New York
  • New Jersey

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