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New York Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal charges are among the most serious anyone can face. Accusations by the authorities carry significant weight and have a major impact on your family, reputation and job. If you are confronted with this kind of accusation and face the impact of the criminal justice system, you need Sobo & Sobo. The possibility of conviction only adds to the importance of your choice of legal representation. So choose us. We are experienced in criminal law and, because we’ve practiced here for over 50 years, we understand the criminal courts and justice system in the Hudson Valley and New York City extremely well.

Criminal Justice

Criminal charges threaten your freedom, reputation and the happiness of your family. So, an experienced attorney at your side is never more important than when you are faced with this serious legal situation. Sobo & Sobo lawyers are dedicated to criminal justice, are expert in this specialized area of law and understand what you are going through.We know how to successfully advocate for you. We know the system well, having practiced law in the Hudson Valley for over 50 years. We aggressively defend against DUI, drug, assault and any other felony or misdemeanor accusation you may face. Our extensive experience with the law is here to serve you. We’re winners at your side.

From the menu, select from among the specialized legal areas Sobo & Sobo practices. We are expert in defending those accused of drug crimes, DUI violations, property crimes, sexual offenses, violent crimes and white collar crimes.



It is against the law to operate an automobile, motorcycle, truck, airplane or any other transportation while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Drunk driving law enforcement is under increasing pressure from activist groups, politicians and the general public. As a result, charges of DUI are serious and difficult to defend and can incur…
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Drug Crimes

There are three main categories of drug-related crimes. The first and most commonly prosecuted is possession. Possession includes having an illegal substance either on your person (in your pocket, for instance) or immediately available and accessible (in the glove compartment of the car you are either driving or in which you are a passenger). Also…
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Property Crimes

Property crimes include theft, robbery and burglary. Theft is a general term meaning the taking of another’s property. It includes robbery, burglary, embezzlement and a number of other illegal-taking offenses (generally known as larceny). Robbery is theft when the act includes force, the threat of violence or the intimidating promise or suggestion of violence toward…
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New York Sexual Offence Lawyers

If you or someone you know has been charged with any sex crime, contact Sobo & Sobo immediately. These crimes are among the most aggressively prosecuted because society at large abhors these crimes and so the authorities are pressured to pursue these cases. Whenever any such crime is uncovered, it is the expectation – even…
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Violent Crimes

Sobo & Sobo’s attorneys are experienced in the defense of those accused of violent crimes. We’ve represented many who have been charged with a wide variety of these offenses. Because the penalties for such crimes are so severe, it is critical that you find knowledgeable legal help in your defense. Murder Murder is killing with…
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White Collar Crimes

A white collar crime is a non-violent offense, usually by a business person or government official. It is often financially motivated, but not always, and is frequently prosecuted via a paper/electronic records trail of evidence that shows the actions of the accused. Among the crimes prosecuted under the umbrella description of “white collar” are: Fraud:…
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