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A chain-reaction crash involving a bus left 25 people injured, three of them with severe injuries. A fully loaded Brooklyn bus was directly hit by a speeding BMW, resulting in severe injuries for a few victims. Those who were injured received medical attention at the scene, as others were transported to local hospitals. 

Before crashing into the bus, the speeding car crashed into another car that was backing out of a parking lot. The impact of the first collision sent the BMW directly into the path of the bus, resulting in the head-on collision with the New York public transportation vehicle. In the opinion of one witness account, the driver of the bus is not to blame for the accident. 

The accident is still under investigation by New York law enforcement. The driver of the BMW will likely face charges for his or her role in the accident. According to one person who witnessed the incident, the driver was speeding. The mayor recently reduced the speed limit along Utica Avenue to 25 miles per hour, due to an initiative to reduce the number of pedestrian deaths. 

Speeding is reckless and unnecessary and may result in car accidents, injuries or even fatalities. Drivers who demonstrate this dangerous behavior place themselves and others at risk, and when an accident does occur, the driver may be financially liable for any damages. Those who suffered from severe injuries after this accident may consider a personal injury claim against the driver of the BMW. After a careful case evaluation, it may be determined that a civil claim may be a viable way to seek deserved financial compensation.

Source: New York Post, “25 injured in Brooklyn bus crash“, Larry Celona, Jan. 7, 2015