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  Construction sites always pose a risk of injury to those working in them. When a scaffold structure is poorly designed, built, or maintained, tragedies can happen. Many times, scaffolding accidents result in severe injuries because of the heights involved. Worse, the surfaces below scaffolds are often hard, littered or both. Construction workers place themselves…

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crosswalk accident lawsuits new york

Crosswalks are common sites of personal injury and auto accidents in New York, often due to misunderstanding of crosswalk laws or right-of-way statutes. Depending on accident circumstances, victims may be eligible to file crosswalk accident lawsuits. When Can Pedestrians File a Crosswalk Accident Claim? New York’s Vehicle & Traffic Code outlines the rules regarding right-of-way…

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  Riding a bicycle is one of the most common ways that New York City residents travel throughout Manhattan and its surrounding boroughs. When a bicycle accident occurs due to another driver or pedestrian’s negligence, injured victims may be entitled to compensation. Contacting an NYC bicycle accident attorney helps victims win settlements that cover medical…

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bronx pedestrian accidents new york

Most people don’t think twice about leaving their homes and going for a walk. In today’s busy world, both pedestrians and motorists often rush to the next destination without much concern for safely sharing the road. In a city as populated as New York, pedestrian injuries and fatalities are an unfortunate reality. As one of…

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