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broken collarbone birth injury lawsuit lawyer

A broken collarbone is the most common birth injury that results from the negligent care of practicing physicians. Newborn collarbone injuries are not always the direct result of negligence, but negligence does cause the vast majority of collarbone injuries at birth.  Most broken or fractured collarbones result from some type of trauma during a difficult…

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medical malpractice vs negligence differences and similarities

Both negligence and medical malpractice can have the same tragic outcomes: injury and death. This may account for the common misconception that they are one and the same. Both negligence and malpractice involve the following: A breach of duty owed to the patient Foreseeable consequences  An action or inaction that caused injury or death Damages…

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doctor breach duty of care

Medical malpractice claims in New York almost always involve a concept known as, “breach of duty of care.” It is the foundation for virtually all personal injury claims involving medical negligence. Identifying a breach of the duty of care is important in determining if there are grounds for a negligence lawsuit after suffering an injury.…

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suing after signing surgery waiver

Before every surgical procedure, the patient will be required by the doctor, hospital, or medical office responsible for the procedure to sign a document outlining the patient’s rights regarding the procedure. This document is called a waiver. This waiver will, among other things, dictate that the patient cannot sue the surgery provider under certain circumstances.…

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emergency room errors law

When someone visits a hospital’s emergency room, they expect their needs to be addressed immediately, and with expert care. However, emergency rooms are notoriously chaotic environments, and many of them are understaffed relative to their needs. This creates multiple opportunities for mistakes, even from well-intentioned medical professionals. To make matters worse, many people who visit…

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vision loss after non eye surgery

Vision loss is always a risk of ocular surgery. But patients never expect to lose their vision when they go to the hospital for surgery that involves their heart, spine, or other body parts unrelated to the eyes. Even so, thousands of people suffer from postoperative vision loss every year, even though their eyes were…

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anesthesia injuries new york

Anesthesia allows surgeries to take place that would otherwise cause pain for patients. General anesthesia is typically safe, but the way it’s administered makes it possible for various forms of injury result from errors.  Many injuries sustained from anesthesia are avoidable and occur due to human error when medical professionals do not adhere to established…

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what counts as medical malpractice

Medical malpractice is an incident that only occurs when a doctor, hospital, or any healthcare provider or professional causes an injury to a patient through negligence or an act of omission. Such mistakes can occur for a variety of reasons. But the defining aspect of medical malpractice is that the victim’s injury would not have…

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spine injury stats and lawsuits new york

Spinal cord damage is one of the most devastating injuries. In a sudden traumatic blow, most often related to an accident, an individual can lose the ability to perform simple daily tasks. Each year, roughly 1,100 New Yorkers suffer traumatic spinal cord injuries, according to the New York State Spinal Cord Injury Research Board (SCIRB). …

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medical malpractice vs wrongful death

When an individual dies from medical malpractice, financial compensation for their wrongful death may be sought. There are two avenues of relief for surviving family members: a medical malpractice claim or a wrongful death action. Oftentimes, filing a wrongful death lawsuit makes the most sense.  Knowing the differences and similarities between medical malpractice and wrongful…

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