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Enfamil & Similac Lawyers

enfamil and similac mass tort lawyers help clients sue these companies for failure to warn against bovine-related diseases appearing in infants

Bovine-based baby formulas (those primarily made from cow’s milk) sold by companies Similac and Enfamil (manufactured by Abbott Labs and Mead Johnson Co., respectively) have been found to cause necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC), an intestinal disease that primarily affects premature infants (preemies). 

Mass tort lawsuits are being filed against these companies and manufacturers for failing to warn parents of putting their infants at risk of catching this disease. 

What is Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC)?

NEC causes the intestinal tissue in preemies to die, and creates holes where bacteria can leak through and cause severe stomach infections. Treatment typically requires surgery to patch up any holes in the intestine, and multiple rounds of antibiotics. 

Necrotizing enterocolitis is a severe and common stomach infection among babies who are born prematurely, affecting 1 in 1,000 premature infants on average. Infants aged 2-6 are the most at risk for developing this disease. 40% of all infants who develop NEC die from its symptoms.

Symptoms of NEC

If any of the following symptoms are present in an infant, consult with a doctor immediately: 

  • Green or yellow vomit
  • Lethargy
  • Refusing to eat
  • Changes in heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, and body temperature
  • Diarrhea and bloody stool

Lawsuits Filed Against Similac & Enfamil

Recent findings have shown that certain bovine-based baby formulas put preemies at even higher risk of developing NEC. The intestines of premature babies are not yet developed enough to properly digest cow’s milk. However, companies Similac and Enfamil continued to sell and market their products without warning to both fully-developed and preemies. 

Legal cases against these companies include:

  • Strict Liability Laws
  • Failure to Warn of Injury or Illness by Use of Product
  • Breach of Warranty 
  • Wrongful Death

The largest case against these companies was their “Failure to Warn.” Failing to warn parents and guardians of putting their preemies at further risk of developing NEC—already a common disease among infants—has resulted in infant injuries and deaths across the country. 

How to File a Similac or Enfamil Lawsuit

If you or someone you know has a premature infant that shows symptoms of NEC (listed below), or has passed after feeding them bovine-based baby formula sold by Similac or Enfamil, you may be entitled to a settlement that covers all related medical treatments, pain, suffering, and other damages. 

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What You’ll Need Before Filing:

  • Your baby’s birth certificate
  • The brand of baby formula fed to your infant
  • Proof of your relationship to the infant
  • Documentation that proves your baby was admitted to NICU
  • Medical records that show a doctor’s NEC diagnosis, and the date of said diagnosis
  • Medical records of your baby’s NEC symptoms
  • Records showing which week of gestation the child was born (to prove if the pregnancy was premature)
  • If true, knowledge of Enfamil or Similac being fed to your baby while in the hospital
  • If your infant has passed, their death certificate is needed for proof

Contact an Enfamil & Similac Mass Tort Lawyer

Mass tort lawsuits are being filed against Similac and Enfamil to gain the funds needed to cover surgical and medical treatment for this disease. Funds are also being used to recover any other related pain, suffering, and other damages incurred due to a preemie’s NEC, including any time spent away from work to help treat the baby. 

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