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Sobo & Sobo Secures $1.5M in Top 100 Premises Liability Verdicts

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Melanie Delancey, Esq.
Melanie-Anne Delancey, Esq.
Premises Liability Lawyer
Sobo & Sobo LLP

NEW YORK, NY—December 19, 2023 Sobo & Sobo, a premier personal injury law firm in New York, New Jersey and Chicago, IL, proudly announces that attorneys Melanie-Anne Delancey, Esq. and James Harris, Esq. have secured a $1.5M settlement—one of the Top 100 Premises Liability Verdicts in the United States for 2022, as published by Top Verdict, the country’s leading legal resource website. This landmark victory underscores the firm’s commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of those they represent.

Top Verdict’s lists are a testament to excellence in legal practice, requiring time and meticulous evaluation. Each report reflects achievements from the previous year. The 2022 list is the most recent compilation, highlighting exceptional legal victories that have significantly influenced the field of premises liability.

James Harris, Esq.
James Harris, Esq.
Premises Liability Lawyer
Sobo & Sobo LLP

Ms. Delancey shared her enthusiasm, saying, “Securing a spot among the Top 100 Premises Liability Verdicts is a remarkable recognition of our dedication to our clients. The legal journey is more than cases and settlements; it’s about people. We take pride in contributing positively to the lives we touch, especially in premises liability cases where accidents can have profound consequences. This acknowledgment fuels our passion to keep making a difference.”

Mr. Harris added a personal touch, expressing, “Being part of the Top 100 is more than just a recognition—it’s a nod to the impact we’ve had on the lives of those we’ve represented. In premises liability cases, where individuals face challenges resulting from accidents on another’s property, our mission is to bring justice and support. This achievement affirms that our approach resonates with those seeking not just legal help but genuine advocacy.”

Sobo & Sobo remains committed to delivering exceptional legal representation in premises liability cases. The recent recognition by Top Verdict not only solidifies the firm’s position as a trailblazer but also affirms their dedication to justice and support for those who have suffered harm.

About Sobo & Sobo

Established in Middletown, New York in 1969, the Personal Injury Law Firm of Sobo & Sobo is made up of a group of professionals with a passion for helping others who also happen to be talented attorneys. We have become recognized leaders in the field of personal injury and premises liability law in our over 50 years of representing accident victims throughout the NY and Tri-state area.

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About Top Verdict

Top Verdict is a distinguished legal resource website that recognizes law firms and attorneys in the United States for their outstanding achievements in obtaining high jury verdicts, settlements, or bench awards in specific areas of law.

For more information, visit www.TopVerdict.com


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