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Single-Car Accident Lawyers

victims of single car accidents helped by injury lawyers to gain compensation for injuries

Single-car accident lawyers represent victims who are injured due to collisions involving only their own motor vehicle, but are caused by the negligence of another party. An example of this could be unsafe road conditions due to highway construction. These accidents are most commonly caused by factors outside of the driver’s control, such as inclement weather and roadway debris. Each year, thousands of single-car accident victims hire attorneys to help maximize compensation for their damages, pain, and suffering.

The single-car accident attorneys at Sobo & Sobo have over 50 years of experience winning settlements for victims across the New York, New Jersey and Chicago, IL. Those interested in learning the value of their accident claim can call 855-468-7626 or contact a traffic accident attorney online to discuss their case in a free consultation. 

Who is at Fault in a Single-Car Accident? 

Determining fault in single-car collisions requires similar investigative protocol no matter what the situation. In a single-car accident, only one driver can be found to be responsible for the accident—sometimes due to circumstances outside of their control. However, depending on the situation, another party may be found guilty of causing the accident. 

Driver Negligence in Single-Car Accidents

Depending on the specific case, a court may find drivers (both the injured victim and/or another driver involved in the accident) who displayed the following behaviors to have been negligent, and therefore at least partially responsible for causing a single-car accident:

  • Speed: Speeding is the number-one cause of single-car accidents, according to data from the NHTSA. High speeds increase the risk of single-car accidents while turning around sharp bends, and when a driver needs to swerve to avoid collision. This also influences and aggravates overcorrecting during an accident.
  • Distraction: Many single-car accidents occur due to drivers overcorrecting after not paying enough attention to the road. Cell phone use, operating the radio, or conversation with a passenger are examples of distractions that often lead to dangerous single-car accidents.
  • Impairment: Any amount of alcohol above a 0.00% blood alcohol concentration (BAC) may affect a driver’s muscular coordination, vision and judgment. 
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Accidents Caused by Factors Outside the Driver’s Control:

Single-car accidents that are caused by the following factors typically result in the injured victim being proved innocent in court, and receiving maximum compensation: 

  • Roadway Debris: A driver may swerve to avoid a fallen branch, animal or debris, which can result in an accident. Drivers involved in these accidents are often proved to be innocent of causing a resulting collision. Another example of this is when an accident occurs while driving through a construction zone where debris is scattered across the road, and/or proper safety signs and alerts aren’t in place. In these circumstances, a driver may be able to sue the construction company or contractor responsible. 
  • Poor Road Conditions: Roads with improperly maintained surfaces increase the risk of single-car accidents. Uneven pavement, potholes and other signals of neglect will increase the chances of a vehicle rolling over. In these cases, it’s possible to make a claim against any state or government entity responsible for maintaining safe roadways. The likelihood of a single-car accident occurring increases during inclement weather as factors such as ice, snow and rain reduce a vehicle’s stability.
  • Roadway “Trips:” NHTSA data reveals that more than 95% of single-car accidents are tripped, meaning the vehicle leaves the roadway and slides sideways before coming into contact with something in the environment. This causes the vehicle to become airborne and cause an accident. Common “trips” in the roadway include guardrails, curbs, medians, steep slopes, and soft soil.
  • Defective Car Parts: If a single-car accident is related to a defective car part, the driver may have a claim against the automobile manufacturing company. A valid product liability claim must prove that the defect occurred during the design, manufacturing or handling of the product. A claim may also prove a lack of warning about the defective part to the consumer.
  • Overcorrecting: Overcorrecting is a natural reaction when a driver encounters a soft surface (for example, soil or snow) and attempts to steer out of a slide and/or hit the brakes. This can result in the vehicle rolling over.

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At Sobo & Sobo, we have over 50 years of experience helping injured victims win settlements for single-car accidents across New York, New Jersey and Chicago, IL.. Contact the car accident attorneys at Sobo & Sobo online for a free consultation, or call 855-GOT-SOBO.

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Single-Car Accident Statistics (Nationwide) 

According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Fatality Analysis Reporting System for Passenger Vehicles, single-car accidents are most commonly caused by:

  • Sleeping while driving
  • Driving under the influence
  • Speeding in inclement weather
  • Speeding towards sharp turns
  • Distracted driving
  • Avoiding roadway obstacles including animals and debris

Crash and Injury Statistics

  • An average of 18,000 single-car crashes occur each year in the US
  • On average, 60% of all single-vehicle crashes occur on rural roadways 
  • Among fatal single-vehicle crashes, 81% of vehicles involved were found to have been driving over 60 mph