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Goodman Manufacturing Evaporator Coil Drain Pans Recall

Goodman Manufacturing Evaporator Coil Drain Pans Recall

As of November 18, 2021, a series of plastic drain pans made by Goodman Manufacturing Company has been officially recalled for repair or replacement. The drain pans only affect a select number of indoor furnaces. Consumers should know how to identify whether they have a recalled drain pan, how to repair or replace it, and what to do to receive legal compensation if they or a loved one is injured by one of these drain pans recently.

What Has Been Recalled?

Goodman Manufacturing Company produces plastic evaporator coil drain pans to be used with residential condensing gas furnaces. These drain pans help ensure furnaces function properly and are typically installed in a vertical configuration (also called “up-flow”).

While this configuration is technically sound, the drain pans themselves have issues due to their materials.

Because of these issues, Goodman Manufacturing Company has voluntarily recalled the plastic drain pan models. They were sold between the months of January 2019 and November 2021. Note that the recall only affects drain pans that were paired in the field with a certain type of residential condensing gas furnace.

As a result, consumers may not be able to determine whether their drain pans qualify for the recall without help. Consumers should instead visit recallrtr.com/drainpan for more information. Here, they will be taken through a step-by-step process to determine their drain pan’s serial number and to identify other information.

Once this step is complete, they will be given additional instructions to await repair or replacement. At the time of this writing, nearly 300,000 drain pans have been sold in the US with another 44,000 sold in Canada.

They were sold for between $200 and $1,200 per unit, although consumers may have purchased them in a bundle that included the coil, furnace, installation service, and extra parts and/or supplies. This may have driven the cost up from the consumer’s perspective.

Has Anyone Been Injured by These Drain Pans?

Yes. Goodman has reported at least 23 separate incidents of fire either caused by or contributed to by these evaporator coil drain pans. The drain pans have potentially resulted in fire and smoke damage to residences and property. However, no one has been injured at this time.

Why Have These Drain Pans Been Recalled?

Goodman Manufacturing Company’s molded plastic drain pans are installed at the bottom of a furnace’s evaporator coil. Due to its vertical configuration, the plastic drain pan can overheat since it is positioned closely to hot furnace elements. Over time, the plastic may melt, deform, and even become a potential fire hazard.

How to Follow the Recall Order

Most consumers will need technical expertise to determine if their drain pans fall under the recall order. They should visit Goodman’s website for more information. Goodman’s website offers a model verification tool for the evaporator coil, the outdoor condenser, and the furnace itself.

Alternatively, they can use the https://www.recallrtr.com/drainpan website for a step-by-step breakdown and tutorial to identify the serial number of their drain pan model. 

Once the drain pan serial number has been identified, consumers will be directed to another contact number or email address if needed. The typical remedy is registration for a free repair service by a qualified Goodman technician. This involves replacing the potentially hazardous plastic drain pan with another model entirely free of charge.

Consumers can directly reach Goodman Manufacturing Company at the following channels:

  • Call 888-520-0579 between the hours of 7 AM to 6 PM central time Monday through Friday
  • Visit goodmanmfg.com, then clicking on “product recall” for additional information and instructions 

Consumers are not advised to modify the drain pan themselves, nor should they try to remove it. The drain pan could be surprisingly hot and hazardous already.

What if You Were Injured by One of These Drain Pans?

Although the recall order has been in effect for some time, individuals may still be injured by one of these drain pans. For example, they could be burned when they touch the drain pan by accident. Or they may be injured if the drain pan starts a fire that spread throughout a home or building.

Alternatively, consumers can lose significant amounts of property because of a fire started by one of these drain pans.

Regardless, individuals should contact Sobo & Sobo right away if they or a loved one were injured or lost property because of a Goodman plastic drain pan. As knowledgeable personal injury attorneys, we’re ready to assist with filing a lawsuit against Goodman Manufacturing Company for their recklessness.

If a lawsuit is successful, individuals could receive compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost property, loss of income, and more. But a successful lawsuit is contingent on gathering evidence, presenting the lawsuit at the right time, and filing the lawsuit before the statute of limitations expires.

Contact Sobo & Sobo today for more information and a free consultation.