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landlord liable for falling down stairs

Those who live in apartment buildings, duplexes, or anywhere else with communal stairs rely on their landlords to keep those stairs clear and safe for regular traversal. If a resident trips or slips and falls down the stairs and sustains an injury, they may have grounds for a lawsuit against their landlord. When Are Landlords…

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suing landlord for mold in apartment

The dangers of mold plague the homes of renters across the US. Mold can appear as several types of fungus—most of which can cause serious health problems in humans when inhaled or ingested. When landlords fail to remove mold or maintain a mold-averse environment in their properties, they may be held liable for negligence in…

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new york city premises liability lawsuits

A premise liability lawsuit is the means provided by the justice system to address injuries caused by property-related accidents, for which the injured party is not to blame. This type of lawsuit allows accident victims to receive compensation for damages that may include medical bills, lost wages, disability, and pain and suffering. 6 Most Common…

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difference between trip and slip and fall injury accident lawsuit

Every year, over 52,000 people are hospitalized because of slipping or tripping on hazards. Most of the time, these accidents are preventable. In many such cases, it’s possible to file a “trip and fall” or “slip and fall” lawsuit to collect compensation for damages. Many injured victims do not know the difference between a “trip”…

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slip and fall grocery store new york

In New York, most falls in grocery stores occur due to the negligence of grocery store owners. In these cases, a premises liability attorney may be able to help victims recover the compensation needed for medical costs, lost wages and other damages relating to their injuries. What is a Slip & Fall Accident? Slip and…

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