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Charged With Drug Possession? Your Story Matters

There are three main categories of drug-related crimes. The first and most commonly prosecuted is possession. Possession includes having an illegal substance either on your person (in your pocket, for instance) or immediately available and accessible (in the glove compartment of the car you are either driving or in which you are a passenger). Also subject to possession charges are those with the means or tools to grow or manufacture drugs and having the paraphernalia to consume them (such as marijuana pipes or syringes).

You can also be charged with criminal distribution and transportation of illegal substances. Laws prohibit transporting (including sending) or selling drugs. The severity of penalties associated with this offense vary by the nature of the drugs involved, their quantity, whether minors are involved in any way and whether the crime was committed alone or in a group.

There are also a variety of offenses related to improper use, involvement or procurement of drugs. Growing them can be a crime. Buying legal drugs fraudulently is a crime. So is their manufacture.


Penalties range from fines and mandatory rehabilitation to long prison sentences and the permanent loss of certain rights. If you or a loved one is charged with any drug offense, you need an experienced attorney right away. Don’t hesitate to get the best defense available. Contact Sobo & Sobo’s criminal justice department and call today for a free, in-person conference with a Sobo & Sobo attorney. You’ll be glad you did.