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New York Dog Bite Lawyers

Not all dogs are friendly.  While there are many well-behaved dogs and responsible dog owners in New York sometimes dogs or other animals attack. All kinds of dogs can attack, not just those that are considered unsafe breeds. When you or a family member has been bitten by a dog it is important to seek legal advice quickly. Once you receive medical care, call Sobo & Sobo at 855-468-7626. After listening to your story, our New York Dog Bite Attorneys will begin taking steps to help you win the compensation you deserve.

Investigating A Dog Attack

It is a good idea to speak to a dog bite lawyer as soon as possible after a dog bite. The law entitles victims to recover damages from a dog bite if the dog had “vicious propensities.” But what does that mean?  One example is if the dog has a history of biting. After your free initial consultation with Sobo & Sobo, we will begin our investigation. We’ll start by talking to people who might know about the dog’s history, such as neighbors and follow that up by contacting local law enforcement to find out if there are any previous attacks on record.

Children Are Targets

Children tend to be the most vulnerable to dog bites. A child’s natural curiosity makes them the most likely to interact with dogs and, oftentimes, their size and the fact that they are at eye level alone makes them targets for dangerous dogs. When a dog attacks a child, the injuries, can be particularly devastating. It is not uncommon for scarring to cause permanent disfiguring in dog bite cases. Not to mention the emotional trauma that can follow a child well into adulthood.

In the state of New York, both the child and parent are protected in dog bite cases. A property owner or defense attorney might try to blame the parent or the child for an animal bite. This defense is not valid — a parent should never be considered responsible when his or her child is bitten in.

Contact Our Personal Injury Team About Animal Attack Cases

At Sobo & Sobo, our compassionate attorneys are eager to hear your story and begin the work of protecting your legal rights.  Contact Sobo & Sobo at 855-468-7626 for a free of charge consultation. There are no fees until you receive compensation. If you want to learn more about our winning reputation, head to our testimony page and read what other dog bite victims and their family are saying about us. We have offices conveniently located in Middletown, Newburgh, Rockland County, Poughkeepsie, and New York City.  Call today so we can begin the process of Winning Together.

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