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Property Stolen Or Damaged? Your Story Matters

Property crimes include theft, robbery and burglary.

Theft is a general term meaning the taking of another’s property. It includes robbery, burglary, embezzlement and a number of other illegal-taking offenses (generally known as larceny).

Robbery is theft when the act includes force, the threat of violence or the intimidating promise or suggestion of violence toward another person. Plus, of course, actual violence. Extortion is the same act without the threat of violence, force or physical harm.

Shoplifting involves taking anything without the intention to pay for it, specifically when the theft occurs in a place of business that normally sells the thing stolen.

Embezzlement is when any trusted person takes money or anything else of value without paying for it.


The nature of the crime and the value of the stolen property influence the penalties convicted people incur. But so too do prior criminal histories and a number of other factors, such as the nature of the victim and the community in which the crime occurred.


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