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Violent Crime Defense Attorneys

violent crime defense attorneys

Sobo & Sobo’s attorneys are experienced in the defense of those accused of violent crimes. We’ve represented many who have been charged with a wide variety of these offenses. Because the penalties for such crimes are so severe, it is critical that you find knowledgeable legal help in your defense.


Murder is killing with malicious intent. Generally (but not always), planning or premeditation is necessary to prove murder. Due to the nature of the crime, society regards murder as among the most serious of criminal offenses. As a result, the punishment for murder is severe. Some combination of the death penalty, life in prison and significant fines may result from conviction.

Defense against murder charges often involves challenging the facts in evidence (both their accuracy and extent) describing the fatal event as self-defense by the accused, and/or some form of mental incapacitation, including insanity.

Assault & Battery

These two offenses often go together. Assault is the spoken or written threat to harm someone. Battery is the act of being physically violent toward someone. Defenses against conviction on assault and battery charges include self-defense, defense of property or others, voluntary combat between two people, acting to stop or prevent criminal activity, and, of course, innocence.

Penalties for assault and battery can range from court-mandated counseling and fines to probation and prison sentencing. Of course, as with most criminal convictions, professional repercussions and personal consequences can – and often do – result.

Domestic Violence

Domestic unrest can lead to angry encounters and disputes that grow heated. Sometimes these disagreements result in accusations by one partner or another, claiming violence and even injury. If police become involved, the process becomes one that proceeds without easy solution. Even when the accuser relents, refusing to press charges, criminal action can – and often will – continue.

Domestic violence can include many forms of assault and battery, abuse and neglect that causes harm. Because the damage to victims is sometimes to the weaker and even helpless party to a domestic relationship, the penalties for conviction are harsh. The range from mandated counseling, community service, parole and fines to prison sentences.

Terrorist Threats

You don’t have to be from a distant country or plot to destroy a building to make a terrorist threat. It doesn’t require a political or religious motivation. Instead, this crime is about threatening to do something.

A threat to be violent toward someone, or some group, with the purpose of frightening them is a crime. If the purpose of making the threat is to cause the evacuation of some place, that too is a crime. In fact, any threat of violence with the intent of causing general disruption or inconvenience is a crime.

As with most violent crimes, prior convictions or probation can increase the punishment for terrorist threats. Penalties can range from fines, rehabilitation and probation to the loss of certain rights and prison time. As with many crimes, a conviction leads to a criminal record that can be very damaging to the person involved.

Vehicular Manslaughter

If someone drives recklessly or in some other criminal manner, and a person is killed as a result, an accusation of manslaughter may result. Generally, the criminal behavior that contributed to the crime is also part of charges brought against the accused person. The most common illegal behaviors that cause a vehicular death to result in a manslaughter charge include speeding, reckless driving, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol and negligence.

Factors that can impact a trial for manslaughter include the defendant’s parole or probation status, a prior record of some kind and, of course, repeated conviction of a contributing crime. Penalties for conviction on manslaughter charges include fines, compulsory rehabilitation, compensation for those damaged by the death, loss of certain rights, including driving privileges and, in some cases, prison.

Hate Crimes

Violence toward someone that is motivated by hatred carry special penalties under the law and are frequently prosecuted aggressively. If a crime against someone is caused by bias against someone’s race, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, disability, age, gender or politics it can be considered a hate crime. Generally, violent crimes of all kinds can be classified as hate crimes depending on the motives of the perpetrator. As a result, every crime from murder, rape and assault to vandalism and harassment can be a hate crime.

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