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Paraquat Lawsuit Attorneys

paraquat mass tort lawyers help those who developed illnesses after using the weed spray

Paraquat—one of the world’s most commonly-used herbicides for weed and grass control in the agriculture industry—has recently been recognized by The Center for Disease Control and Protection (CDC) as a highly poisonous pesticide that has a high probability of causing Parkinson’s disease. The severity of its effects depend on the route in which it was ingested, the amount absorbed, and the duration of exposure. 

If you or someone you know has been using Paraquat and has fallen ill and/or is exhibiting symptoms of Parkinson’s disease (details below), you may be eligible for compensation for any pain and suffering that is directly caused by this product.

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Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

If you exhibit any of the following symptoms after using Paraquat—especially for an extended period of time—you may be showing early symptoms of Parkinson’s disease:

  • Trembling of hands, arms, legs, jaw and face
  • Stiffness of arms, legs, and torso
  • Slowness of movement
  • Impaired balance and coordination

Seek professional medical attention immediately if you are experiencing any of these symptoms. After being evaluated by a professional, keep track of all your medical records, which may be important if you wish to file a Paraquat lawsuit.

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How Paraquat is Absorbed By the Body

Paraquat poisoning can occur through skin exposure, inhalation, or ingestion.

  • Ingestion: Unintentional consumption of Paraquat particles in the air is the most common route of exposure.
  • Skin Exposure: Poisoning is more likely to occur if the skin exposure lasts a long time, involves a concentrated version of paraquat, or occurs through damaged skin (such as sores or cuts). 
  • Inhalation: Paraquat inhalation can result in serious, permanent lung damage. Anyone who lives or works within 1,600 feet of Paraquat usage is at risk of accidental inhalation.

Filing a Paraquat Lawsuit

Attorneys at Sobo & Sobo are currently helping victims of the dangerous weed killer Paraquat get the compensation they deserve to help cover:

  • Relevant medical expenses, 
  • Lost wages from being out of work, 
  • Pain and suffering, 
  • And all other damages related to Paraquat.

If you too are experiencing pain and suffering due to Paraquat, we can help. Attorneys at Sobo & Sobo are currently helping victims of Paraquat get the compensation they deserve to help cover damages, and ensure that the manufacturers of the weed killer face justice for knowingly selling a dangerous chemical for years.

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To learn more about the dangers of Paraquat, how it can harm the body, and your legal options for compensation, click here.

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