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Charged With A White Collar Crime? Your Story Matters

A white collar crime is a non-violent offense, usually by a business person or government official. It is often financially motivated, but not always, and is frequently prosecuted via a paper/electronic records trail of evidence that shows the actions of the accused. Among the crimes prosecuted under the umbrella description of “white collar” are:

Fraud: The use of deception, trickery and/or false statements to profit at someone else’s expense.

Embezzlement: The unauthorized taking of assets from an entity (such as a business or organization) where the accused has access to the assets involved but not a right to use, take or distribute them.

Extortion: Any threat that provokes the payment of money or some other asset can be considered extortion.

Racketeering: Any illegal activity by a group (any group of more than one person) seeking financial gain from the activity.

Computer Crimes: Using a computer or computer network to commit a white collar crime.


If you are accused of a white collar crime or suspect that you may be so accused, contact Sobo & Sobo immediately. We will investigate the crime of which you are accused, protect your legal rights, and work to either overcome the accusations or mitigate the penalties and punishment you face. Contact Sobo & Sobo’s criminal defense department for a free, in-person consultation right away.