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Car Collision Lawsuit Settlements in Inwood, Manhattan

Car Collision Lawsuit Settlements in Inwood, Manhattan

Car accidents are a fact of life for many New York City drivers. Inwood, which is a neighborhood surrounded by freeway exits and bridges, is a hotspot for car collisions of all kinds.  

Inwood, Manhattan Accident Facts

As a part of greater Manhattan, the Inwood region is the site of hundreds of car accidents every year. The five boroughs that make up New York City experiences the following each year:

  • 8,300 car accidents per year
  • 16,000 motorists involved in accidents each year
  • Over 3,000 motorists, cyclist, passenger and pedestrian injuries and deaths.

Inwood, Manhattan is responsible for its fair share of auto accidents and injuries in New York City. Recently-collected data indicates that the shared Inwood-Fort George area is the site of as many as 600-700 traffic collisions each year.

Although Inwood is located at the northernmost part of Manhattan Island, and thus far removed from many of its major traffic centers, the data indicates that Inwood’s roads may be particularly hazardous for drivers.

T-Bone Accidents in Inwood

T-bone accidents are among the most dangerous and common in the Inwood-Washington Heights region. That’s partially due to the prevalence of intersections in this area.

T-bone accidents occur when one car runs head-on into another car at a perpendicular angle. T-bone accidents most often occur when one car speeds through a red light and attempts to cross an intersection. This car then collides with another driver which has the legal right of way, and impacts perpendicular to it, causing a t-bone collision. 

Because cars are usually traveling at high speeds during T-bone collisions—and because many cars are still not equipped with side airbags—these collisions can result in injuries like:

  • Whiplash or neck damage
  • Bruises and broken bones
  • Severe lacerations from broken glass
  • TBIs or traumatic brain injuries like concussions

Some of the worst Inwood intersections for T-bones include:

  • 9th Ave. and W. 207th St.
  • 10th Ave. and W. 207th St.
  • Broadway and W. 207th St.
  • Seaman Ave. and Dyckman St. 
  • Fort George Hill and Nagle Ave.

Furthermore, in what is the location of three mainland-connecting bridges. This results in a large amount of traffic flowing in and out of the city throughout most of the day, but especially during the rush hours in the morning and evening. Specific areas to avoid include:

  • 10th Ave. and W. 215th St.
  • 9th Ave. and W. 207th St.
  • 9th Ave. and W. 215th St.

Head-On Collisions in Northern Manhattan

While T-bone accidents can be particularly severe and common, head-on collisions are potentially even more dangerous. Fortunately, head-on accidents are not as common as other accident types. But they do account for approximately 56% of all passenger vehicle occupant deaths.

Head-on auto accidents usually happen when two cars don’t see one another until it’s too late. Both vehicles crashed into one another head-on, exposing both drivers and passengers to serious injuries or death.

Head-on collisions typically occur when one or both drivers are incapacitated – often by sleepiness – or inebriated, or when drivers otherwise accidentally end up on the wrong side of the road.

For instance, traveling through tunnels or highways in the late hours of the night may cause one or more drivers to swerve onto the wrong side of the road. According to official NYPD data, some of the most common highways for serious collisions include:

  • F.D.R. Dr. at South St. Exit
  • F.D.R. Dr. at Brooklyn Br/Civic Center
  • F.D.R. Dr. at E. 63rd St. Exit
  • F.D.R. Dr. at E. 106th St. Exit
  • Harlem River Dr. at E. 132nd. St. Exit/Park Ave. Exit

The majority of major head-on highway collisions happen near exits. In most cases, it’s highly likely that at-fault drivers exit too quickly and end up accidentally impacting victims’ cars at extremely high speeds.

Due to the severity and extent of injuries sustained in many head-on collisions, victims often pursue compensation with car accident attorneys to ensure that they can cover the costs of their medical expenses, lost wages from time spent away from work, and other damages.

Rear-End Accidents in the Inwood-Washington Heights Region

Rear-end accidents are by far the most common type experienced by New York drivers. The damage and injury resulting from such accidents can vary widely. 

Rear-end accidents occur when the at-fault car impacts the back of another vehicle. Impacts can be both relatively gentle or occur at very high speeds, increasing the risk of serious injuries or deaths. Many rear-end accidents occur when one driver doesn’t stop fast enough to prevent themselves from bumping into a car ahead of them. But they can also occur when the driver in front stops too early or quickly, causing a collision.

Inwood Car Accident Settlements

Due to the likelihood of property damage and physical injuries sustained during a car accident, successful lawsuits typically result in settlement amounts large enough to cover:

  • The cost of medical expenses for victims
  • Damages for pain and suffering
  • Compensation for lost income, both in the past and in the future if the victim suffers paralysis or long-term injury

Compensation for head-on and T-bone accidents is typically much larger. Both of these accident types often result in greater damage to both victim vehicles and have a much higher likelihood of causing severe injuries that incur exorbitant medical expenses.

Inwood Car Accident Attorneys in NYC

Ultimately, any car accident victims should seek out skillful legal consultation so they create and present the most effective case to a judge. New York is a no-fault state, meaning that it’s difficult to prove gross negligence on the part of another driver in even the most clear-cut circumstances.

But Sobo & Sobo can help any car accident victim get the compensation they need to cover their medical expenses and return to normality. Contact them today for a free consultation.