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Spring Valley Car Accidents

Most Dangerous Intersections in Spring Valley

Spring Valley, the second-most populated community in Rockland County, New York is a dense suburb less than an hour’s drive from Manhattan. It sits next to the New York State Thruway and is served by a New Jersey Transit train station.

Considering its proximity to the city, major highways, and number of commuters rushing to catch the train, locals should be aware of traffic statistics in Spring Valley. Traffic there can be dangerous.

Spring Valley Car Crash Statistics and Contributing Factors

Spring Valley has a population of about 31,000 people. Crash Data reported by the DMV reveals a harrowing increase in collisions in recent years. The number of collisions and other notable statistics include:

  • In 2019 there were a total of 850 collisions that resulted in 185 personal injuries and 2 fatalities. This is a significant increase from a total 729 collisions 2018, and 428 total collisions in 2017.
  • The majority of individuals injured from collisions in Spring Valley are drivers, followed by passengers, then pedestrians
  • Most collisions in Spring Valley occur on Thursdays
  • Most collisions occur between 3pm and 6pm
  • The most common month for car accidents is December

Looking at DMV data from 2017 through 2019, there are clear trends for common contributing factors of collisions that cause personal injury:

  • Failure to yield right of way contributed to 182 personal injuries
  • Following too closely contributed to 138 personal injuries
  • Driver inattention/distraction contributed to 113 personal injuries

These contributing factors represent the vast majority of causes of collision. Others include pedestrian confusion, ignoring traffic control devices and speeding. But all other contributing factors contribute fewer than 30 personal injuries in Spring Valley over the last three years. 

No matter how an accident occurs, a suffering victim should never be left to pay for someone else’s negligence. It is, therefore, helpful for residents of Spring Valley to know of accident-prone areas that require extra caution.

Dangerous Areas for Driving in Spring Valley, New York

Spring Valley is a calm community with a diverse population and easy access to metropolitan New York. The Palisades Mall is only about 15 minutes away and is surrounded by scenic parks. Some describe it as having elements of country-living with the perks of an established city. This creates a unique environment for car accidents. 

Routes 59 and 45: 476 Accidents, 107 injuries, 1 fatality

Route 45, a two-lane, undivided corridor, runs north-south with a posted speed limit of 30 miles per hour. This road leads through a busy retail and restaurant downtown environment with a major transportation hub. Route 59 runs east-west and is often used as an alternate to the state Thruway. It has eight lanes in some sections and two in others. These major roads intersect in Spring Valley.

The New York State Traffic Data Viewer reports that the annual average daily traffic along Route 45 is about 17,000 vehicles a day and approximately 22,000 for Route 59. An extensive study from the New York Department of Transportation has found that motorists rarely drive at the posted speed limit for both roads and or when near the intersection of them. Drivers either operate above or below the speed limit, likely due to the widening and narrowing of the roadway that exists in this vicinity.

Other issues with this area include:

  • Aggressive driving and lack of patience: accidents such as rear-ends and T-bones are common. Drivers have been observed being reckless out of frustration from congestion and inconvenient infrastructure.
  • Lack of adequate pedestrian safety infrastructure: proposals have been made for curb extensions at crosswalks, better traffic-signal coordination, minimum shoulder widths, pedestrian refuge islands, traffic control islands, and street trees to be planted as buffers between sidewalk and roadway.

This area is officially a priority for the Department of Transportation and continues to be monitored. Until these critical safety measures are addressed and the number of collisions decrease, it is suggested one travel Routes 59 and 45 with extreme caution.

NY 59 and New Clarkstown Road (County Route 35): A Major Intersection

This intersection is another major junction in Spring Valley. As with any intersection with a state highway, there are serious risks and dangers at hand anytime someone uses this intersection. This is because there is usually a high volume of vehicles coming from multiple directions. Some intersection collisions may be minor, but serious or fatal accidents often occur.

Intersection crashes can be attributed to many different things, such as high speeds, inattentiveness, a lack of visibility, or complex layout. Driver negligence and recklessness can increase the potential for an accident and increase possible injury.  Common types of crashes that happen at intersections include:

  • Oncoming collisions between vehicles, especially when one driver turns across traffic
  • Rear-end accidents caused by driver inattentiveness 
  • T-bone crashes when a driver fails to adhere to traffic signals
  • Sideswipe impacts when one or more vehicles are turning
  • Collisions with pedestrians while turning

Taking precautions while navigating this intersection can help stop a potential disaster. 

Spring Valley Station at 1 North Main Street: Intermodal Transit with the Price of Congestion

As mentioned, thousands of people each day commute from Spring Valley to NYC. To get there, many utilize the Spring Valley Transit Center. This station serves Metro-North Railroad, New Jersey Transit trains, and the Spring Valley Bus Terminal.  

Areas like this one can be extremely dangerous for drivers, passengers and pedestrians. Streets near transit stations are frequently misused by vehicles stopping in the road picking up and dropping off passengers, causing congestion and danger. 

Many different accidents can occur here from distracted drivers in a hurry to be on time. Cars and pedestrians are at risk of being sideswiped or rear-ended by vehicles stopping short and/or pulling off to let a passenger in or out. All drivers and pedestrians should exercise caution each time they are in the area.

What to Do After a Car Accident in Spring Valley, NY

Car accidents can result in unpredictable tragedies for anyone involved. Possible injuries for victims of car accidents in Spring Valley include:

Anyone involved in a car accident should follow these steps:

  1. Relocate to a safe position outside the flow of traffic. Move out of the street to the other side of any guardrails, if possible. Call 911 and request a police officer and an ambulance, even if there are no apparent injuries. Many injuries are masked by shock and adrenaline and easily go undetected. Receiving immediate medical attention will significantly strengthen any future claim.  
  2. Remain calm when reporting the accident and, in any case, do NOT admit fault when stating facts. Any form of an apology can later be used to argue that the victim was at fault.
  3. Take pictures of the accident scene and surrounding area. Include road conditions and any environmental factors present.
  4. Obtain any witness statements and contact information for safekeeping.
  5. Report the accident to your insurance company as soon as possible. They will provide further guidance if you call at the scene.
  6. Retain documentation for all medical care received regarding injuries sustained from the accident. This is critical material for attorneys to use when building a claim and negotiating compensation.
  7. Consult with an experienced car accident attorney. Insurance companies will fight tooth and nail to make the process as difficult as possible to discourage victims from pursuing a claim. It’s critical to obtain professional help in order to maximize any potential compensation.

What Can a Personal Injury Victim in Spring Valley, NY Recover?

Damages are the sum of money awarded to an injured party to compensate for any losses. Damages are intended to compensate victims for the harm suffered due to someone else’s negligence. Compensatory damages are meant to restore a victim’s economic status back to where they were before the accident. Total awards can include economic and non-economic damages.

Economic damages can include:

  • Medical bills
  • Cost of future medical care
  • Loss of earnings, and loss of future earnings
  • Prescriptions or any other ongoing treatments

Non-economic damages include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish or trauma
  • Loss of consortium or companionship

New York’s No-Fault insurance law requires drivers to possess a minimum insurance coverage of $50,000. This policy is strictly for personal injury protection and does not cover property damage or non-financial losses. 

Suffering a serious injury (traumatic brain injury, permanent disfigurement, disability, etc.), or when the financial burden exceeds $50,000, permits the victim to file a separate claim against an at-fault driver. This means that only permanent injury cases can recover more than $50,000.

Real Examples of Car Accident Settlements 

Settlement awards granted in Spring Valley are comparable to the rest of New York. (Verdict summaries obtained from Jury Verdict Research’s 2020 study. These cases are intended to provide general figures for informational purposes and are not meant to guarantee the value of any case.) 

  • $25,000 on behalf of a victim who was stopped in traffic and rear-ended by a van. The victim sustained a herniated disc and torn shoulder, which required surgery. The settlement value was decided after it was determined that his injuries were not permanent.
  • $325,000 on behalf of a victim struck as a pedestrian by a negligent driver. The victim sustained a broken ankle and underwent physical therapy for 13 weeks. Her pain failed to completely resolve.
  • $925,000 on behalf of a victim who was T-boned at an intersection while the at-fault driver was turning left and failed to yield right of way. The victim sustained disc herniations and underwent 2 years of physical therapy before needing spinal fusion surgery and another 12 months of therapy.

Each victim’s case is unique and will have various factors that influence compensation value. It is impossible to estimate the settlement amount for an injury without an expert car accident attorney.

Car Accident Attorney in Spring Valley, New York

Car accident victims should only have to be concerned with recovery after such a traumatic event. A Spring Valley attorney can help speed the lengthy, complicated legal process that comes with personal injury claims, while ensuring that the victim’s best interest is attended to. 

The attorneys at Sobo & Sobo are ready to help.  Quality representation is necessary for navigating the complex nature of personal injury claims. Our attorneys have over 50 years of experience successfully serving the people of Spring Valley and surrounding areas. We fight for maximum compensation every step of the way.

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