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New York Taxotere Lawsuit Lawyer

Taxotere is a very popular chemotherapy drug that gained initial Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval in 1996.  It was designed and sold by pharmaceutical company Sanofi.  It was approved for the treatment of many types of cancers, but it is prescribed primarily for breast cancer in women.  Taxotere is so popular with doctors that it is estimated that of the 300,000 women diagnosed with breast cancer each year, approximately 75% are prescribed this drug.  Despite its popularity, Taxotere can have serious and permanent side effects, including a condition known as alopecia, or permanent hair loss.

Taxotere was initially created to slow the slow the growth of tumors by slowing or stopping the division of cancer cells.  Although mostly prescribed for breast cancer, it can also be prescribed for other types of cancers in the prostate, lungs, stomach, neck and brain.

Even though the drug is quite effective in its treatment of cancer, patients should have been told about the serious and permanent side effects before deciding whether or not to take the drug.

At Sobo & Sobo, we understand that dealing with cancer and losing your hair is hard enough on its own, but finding out that the hair loss could be permanent and that the drug manufacturer knew about the side effects is devastating.  We all want to trust that the drug companies and physicians have your best interest in mind.  When that is not the case, you need support.  The lawyers Sobo & Sobo can help.  Sobo & Sobo wants to partner with you to ensure that you will get the compensation you deserve and that the litigation process goes as smoothly as possible.

Complications Caused by Taxotere

Most chemotherapy treatments cause hair loss.  However, most of the time the patient’s hair eventually grows back.  With Taxotere, patients can suffer from permanent hair loss.  This condition does not just strike the head.  Patients can suffer from permanent hair loss over their entire body.  This obviously can have devastating psychological and emotional effects on the women and men taking the drug.  Not only are their lives turned upside down by the diagnosis of a deadly disease, they later learn that they will never grow hair on their entire body again.

This has been confirmed in various studies, including one commissioned by the manufacturer of the drug, Sanofi.  In Sanofi’s study, it demonstrated that 9% of patients that take the drug suffer from hair loss that lasted more than a decade.  However, Sanofi hid the results of its study from the public and the medical professionals who prescribe the medicine. This type of information should be at least known to the doctors who prescribe the Taxotere so that they can help patients can make an informed decision.

There are other, very serious side effects that patients can endure when taking Taxotere.  They include:

  • Infection – Chemotherapy can lower the immune system, thus allowing infections that are difficult to treat.
  • Peripheral neuropathy – This condition is caused by nerve damage usually in the hands or feet that causes numbness and tingling.
  • Fluid retention – Can occur in many parts of the body but usually occurs in extremities.
  • Kidney damage – The drug can cause enough kidney damage that renal failure could happen; making dialysis and possible kidney replacement necessary.
  • Live damage – The liver is used to clear toxic chemicals from the body. Taxotere can cause damage that prevents the liver from working properly.

Taxotere Lawsuits

The first class-action lawsuit against Sanofi was filed in California.

A class action lawsuit is where a group of people that have been similarly negatively affected by a defendant file a lawsuit seeking recourse.  In the case of drug class actions, a group of people who have been harmed by a particular drug can file suit against the manufacturer of the drug and recover damages for the entire class of people that were harmed.

In the California Taxotere class action lawsuit, a group of women filed suit after suffering from permanent hair loss. The lawsuit alleged that Sanofi knew of the risks to patients, but failed to adequately inform them or their doctors.  This failure to warn its customers makes Sanofi liable for the physical, psychological and emotional injuries suffered by the class of the women.  Since that first class action lawsuit was filed, thousands of women have come forward with their own stories of suffering from permanent hair loss.

The attorneys at Sobo & Sobo want to hear your story.  Our lawyers are leaders in personal injury law and want to help you learn about your legal rights. During your initial consultation, which is always free, we will listen to you and help you make informed decisions about how to proceed with your defective drug litigation.

Call Sobo & Sobo at 855-468-7626 as soon as if you or a loved one has been taking Taxotere and suffered complications or unusual side effects. Remember prompt action, could make a difference in the outcome of your case. We are looking forward to hearing your story and can’t wait to take the first step toward Winning Together.