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single car accident injuries and compensation

Not all auto accidents involve two vehicles or even two people. Single-vehicle accidents involve only a single automobile. Examples of single-car accidents include: Accidental impacts against objects in the environment, like trees or telephone poles Driving off the side of a road due to inclement weather, or to avoid an obstacle Accidental collisions caused by…

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new york intersection accidents

Intersection accidents are particularly frequent and dangerous. They can be caused by a variety of factors bad weather, mechanical malfunctions, disobeying traffic laws, and unwary pedestrians. In the majority of cases, intersection accidents are caused by rear-end and right-angle (also called t-bone) collisions. No matter the cause, such accidents can be dangerous because one or…

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fault in head on collision

In a head-on collision, the front halves of both cars are often crumpled and/or destroyed. This can expose the occupants to a number of dangers, such as shrapnel, debris, or other auto accident injuries. Common auto accident injuries include whiplash, broken bones, spinal cord damage, TBIs or traumatic brain injuries, and more. Since head-on collisions…

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rollover car accident lawsuits and statistics

Rollover accidents are some of the most traumatic events a motorist could experience. Unlike other types of car accidents, there are usually numerous factors that contribute to the crash. Road conditions, environmental factors and the driver’s role in the crash are all accounted for when determining liability in an investigation.  Any New Yorker injured after…

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newburgh ny dangerous intersections

Newburgh’s prime location between Manhattan and upstate New York results in a lot of traffic every day. The town is rife with dangerous intersections that lead to thousands of accidents and incident reports every year. Those driving in or around Newburgh should be wary of specific intersections to avoid getting in an auto accident. Newburgh’s…

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traffic accidents in spring valley, new york

Like any bustling suburb, Spring Valley, New York has its share of traffic accidents. This Rockland County village was home to over 31,000 full-time residents according to the 2010 census. This means many local drivers join out-of-towners on route to major destinations like the Palisades Center mall. It also means plenty of risky spots for…

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spring valley new york intersections

A small village tucked between the towns of Clarkstown and Ramapo, there are only 30,000 people living in Spring Valley, New York, yet the town experiences more traffic accidents than many other towns in the Hudson Valley region. Several intersections in this village are particularly noteworthy for their apparent propensity to cause collisions. Most Dangerous…

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suing for car accident without insurance

Drivers are not normally allowed to sue another party in a car accident unless there is ample reason, such as expensive medical bills, provable and severe injuries, or provable negligence. However, most auto accident lawsuits proceed under the assumption that both parties have adequate car insurance. What happens when one or both parties are uninsured,…

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fault in an intersection accident

There are numerous different types of intersections, each with their own sets of laws that govern who has the proper right of way. 40% of all car accidents in the US occur at intersections, according to statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The same statistics show about 50% of all fatal car…

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parking lot accident new york

An average of 50,000 parking lot accidents occur each year in the US according to the National Safety Council (NSC), resulting in about 60,000 injuries, and 500 deaths annually. As opposed to many cut-and-dry types of auto accidents, it can be more difficult to determine liability parking lot accidents. However, there are rules in place…

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